Inspired by their love of the traditional crafts practiced at the manufactory in Eisingen, Isabelle and Hans-Georg Mössner dedicated themselves to the preservation and continuation of this precious expertise. Instead of switching to modern production methods, the two goldsmiths recognized the potentials and strengths of traditional craftsmanship. Jewelry from the IsabelleFa brand concentrates entirely on emphasizing large, highly polished and matte surfaces of gold and platinum. The focus is solely on the expressiveness of the forged precious metal. Isabelle and Hans-Georg Mössner developed new collections and, for the first time, voluminous curb chain bracelets, as well as necklaces and bracelets. The potential of these new designs quickly became apparent. The provenance of these distinctively large-format, puristic pieces was instantly recognizable. IsabelleFa became well known in the industry for its blend of minimalistic style and perfect workmanship, a winning combination which earned the manufactory numerous awards.